Prices (vary from size and number of pages.) You can also directly contact us via phone ot setup a Zoom or in-person meeting and we can explain the process

I. Size: 10x10, 20 pages.


II. SIZE: 10X10, 30 PAGES.


III. SIZE: 10X10, 40 PAGES.


Iv. Size: 10x10, 50 pages.


I. Size: 12x12, 20 pages.


Ii. Size: 12x12, 30 pages.


Iii. Size: 12x12, 40 pages.


Iv. Size: 12x12, 50 pages.


Parent Album: leather cover, 8.5 x 11 inches, 50 pages (pro glossy): $450.

additional pages can be added for: $4 per page


The perfect wedding is something that we dream about from a young age. When it comes time to start the planning process, we soon get lost in the meticulous details of it all. All the way down to what each family member or close friend will be wearing on each of the days so that the photos are exceptional. All things considered, It’s a beautiful journey of your family connecting over the unity of you and your partner. 

In today’s digital day and age of technology and posting photos on social media, we’ve forgotten the importance of a physical and tangible heirloom. Your wedding photos deserve to be preserved in a physical book for any of your family members to go through to relive those beautiful memories rather than to keep them hidden in a usb. No doubt, when your grandparents come over, they're going to want to pick up your wedding album and go through it themselves instead of having to rely on someone to set up the usb for them.

One of the most popular questions we get as wedding photographers is: do you offer a printed wedding album? Are people still getting them printed? The answer is yes. We strongly believe in printing your photos after the wedding and here’s why:

Your memories are life long and your wedding album should be Lifelong too. The prints will have a life long warranty. We believe in quality over anything else therefore the paper that we use is the finest quality deep matte paper and is given a velvet coating which will last 300 years. The albums also  incorporate timeless fonts, designs, and colors from cover to paper and print each product with environmentally friendly practices such as using 100% recycled paper.  

Would you like to preserve your wedding memories for life long? Lets Connect