iNav is a team of photographers who strive to document love stories while showcasing each couple uniquely. Our motivation and inspiration are derived from raw love stories.

We travel all over the world celebrating our beautiful couples, exploring new landscapes, scouting unique and secluded mountain valleys, hiking up different waterfalls, or eloping into rain forests all to cater to your story. If you are ready for your next adventure and would like to have us for your special moments, contact us!

We see wedding photography more than just clicking a button and taking a picture.

Meet the team


You can call me an adventurer/photographer/professional. My love for photography pushed me to quit the Mon-Fri job and pursue my passion as a career. I love to travel, go out on adventures and most importantly be a part of celebrations of our couples.



I am a filmmaker, writer, and photographer who has photographed numerous, weddings, along with directing a hand full of short films. I believe in bringing my culture and heritage into my work of art and that is what drives me to create the art that I do.



A desire to document Vancouver east-side life is what originally sparked my interest in photography. By having a keen eye for fine art, I am able to capture raw candid moments and create editorial images while being apart of the wedding festivities.